Services: Below are just some of the services we have available to you

  • Route Creation
  • Automotive Research
  • Data Collection
  • Road Testing
  • Project Coordination

Route Creation:

  • We plan and create routes for all of our road tests we structure them to work around what type of testing needs to be done. For example, when looking to the type of testing that needs to be done we have experience planning our routes around bridges, traffic, pedestrian activity, and much more so that our clients can get the data that they need.
  • Our route creation has expanded over the years, and we have experience planning routes both in and outside of the United States. Our route creation experience internationally has taken us around Canada, Europe, Africa, and Japan.

Automotive Research:

  • Our automotive research has focused on, but is not limited to, data collection. We have worked with many automotive companies and due to this extensive history we have with them, we help with finding test vehicles, data collection to help you decide what vehicle is best for different types of testing, and much more. If you need to collect data on various automotive technology, our team can help you with this process. Our research department will help you with any questions you might have.

Data Collection:

  • Our data collection services cater to what you need. We can help with providing driver and coordinators for your research. Any city, any duration, any protocol. We are flexible in our process and accurate in our methods. Working with Activ8 Group, the largest Japanese/English bilingual recruiting company in the country, we have a talent pool to pull from that extends from Coast to Coast

– Our scheduling and planning is set to meet exact requirements of a project. We can also fill demographic research data of any kind; all varieties of drivers.

Road Testing:

  • When on the road, we can help plan ahead to any type of testing that you need done. If you need testing done in any specific regions, weather, or climates, we can help you with all of the planning or testing that needs to be done.

Project Coordination:

  • Our project coordinators work together with all of our other staff to ensure that everything is completed in a timely manner. They help assist with all of our services, and much more! They help with any logistics work that needs to be done. We have experience dealing with both large and small shipments in and outside of the United States. In addition to this, they help plan schedules to work around anything that may occur prior to or during testing.
  • When road testing is being done, our project coordination team helps with making hotel reservations, planning shipments for equipment, and much more.

– These are some of our services listed, but if you need any other work completed please contact us!