About us

We are a vehicle testing company that works with global manufacturers of various systems in the automotive industry.

We tailor our service to meet the needs of any given testing project, whatever it may be. Our knowledge base encompasses a vast area of resources to be able to deliver accurate and effective data.

Any city, any duration, any protocol. We are flexible in our process and accurate in our methods. Working with Activ8 Group, the largest Japanese/English bilingual recruiting company in the country, we have a talent pool to pull from that extends from Coast to Coast.

Our scheduling and planning is set to meet exact requirements of a project. We can also fill demographic research data of any kind; all varieties of drivers.

We have an affiliation with a local technician in Chicago, IL that can perform work that you can trust to be accurate and cost effective. We abide by any time constraints and make sure your project will start on time. We also will be obtaining a warehouse equipped with a secure vehicle maintenance facility to protect vehicles during maintenance and off-testing periods.

Because our managers have roots in the Travel Industry, we can get our people to where they need to go – Rain, Snow, or Shine – at the lowest cost available.

Safety is always our highest priority, especially in the case of operating motor vehicles. We have a training procedure set in place to ensure our employees are knowledgeable and prepared for any situation.

When you choose K5 Tech, you choose to have safe, accurate, and reliable vehicle testing.

Our History

We began with Activ8 Chicago, which is now one of the largest Japanese recruiting company in the US. As a staffing agency, we worked with automotive clients to place people to perform for projects. What started as a process to recruit suitable candidates for these projects, ended up as us taking control and running the project themselves from start to finish. At that time we formed our own project team within the company to handle such project requests, and since then, we’ve grown to our own testing division known as K5 Tech, LLC. With our experience starting from the ground up, we are eager for more. Because we still keep our association and group relationship with Activ8 Chicago, we have a vast resource of personnel to pull from – all varieties of drivers – from Coast to Coast.

Since 2010 we have performed multiple projects, spanning over 1,000,000 KM in data collection and we want to add more. We’ve driven in all environments, from the deserts of Death Valley, to the winter wonderland of the Northeast in February, and everything in between. Please take a look at some maps from previous project to see where our journeys have led us.
[Include map covering past projects and distances]